Simplicity in clinical research

PRJCTS is an end-to-end cloud solution that covers the entire workflow from data capture, analysis, statistics to graphical presentation – designed for clinical research.

DATA Registry

PRJCTS safely stores all your data in the cloud. Avoid files that contain raw data spread across local computers and institutional servers.


All the collaborators can participate in study design, collecting data and take part in the analytical process with real-time statistical analyses and graphical presentations

Analyze in real-time

The data is always ready for analysis and there is no risk for errors being introduced in the dataset when project collaborators perform analyses, filter data or export tables and figures.

Store all your projects in one place, safely

PRJCTS is an end-to-end platform suitable to store all your own and collaborative projects in one place. Get rid of files with raw data stored on local computers and on various institutional servers and eliminate duplicate files and different versions.

Importing and exporting between software solutions involve risks for the data integrity and may also pose legal challenges if the files contain sensitive data and are stored on unauthorized disks or storage devices.

Collaborate globally

Designed for collaboration throughout the entire workflow of a project, all collaborators can participate in defining variables, collecting data, and take part in the analytical process with real-time statistical analyses and graphical presentations.

By assigning privileges to your collaborators you can easily give access to all the analytical tools, but restrict access to the underlying raw data and sensitive information. 

Analyze in real-time

No need to prepare the data, reorganize columns and rows, introduce grouping variables or check for missing data. The data is always ready for analysis, and there is no risk for errors being introduced in the dataset when project collaborators perform analyses, filter data, or export tables and figures.

Designed for medical research and registries

PRJCTS was designed to provide medical researchers and clinicians with the tool they need from start to end of a research project or clinical registry. Simplicity is at the heart of PRJCTS and it’s developed to be intuitive, powerful and collaborative. This also makes it useful in a broad range of industries beyond medical research. 

PRJCTS is ideal for hospitals and research institutions that need a platform clinical research and medical registries and we offer site licenses for institutions and organisations. The system architecture is ultra-scalable, and there is no implementation costs, no running costs and no need for support from local IT departments or super users.

Ledidi offers license packages to societies and associations that need a platform for project collaborations. The user friendliness makes it easy to get colleagues involved, and the access to data analysis inspires to contribute to data collection.

Whether you collaborate with your colleague down the hall or a colleague on another continent makes no difference. The ultra-scalable system architecture means that you can collaborate with an unlimited number of colleagues and you will never run out of data storage capacity.

Single user licences offer all the flexibility you require and the ease of use that help you to keep all your data safely in one place. Set up small and large institutional or multicenter collaborations and explore your data.

PRJCTS was developed with medical research in mind simply because that is where we saw the need for it, but PRJCTS has a broad usage and is a useful tool in the insurance industry, engineering, libraries, life sciences, and physical sciences. PRJCTS is the ideal platform for all projects and registries that require collaboration in a secure cloud environment with integrated statistical and graphical analyses.


The workflow in research projects involves importing an exporting data between multiple database solutions and software applications. This makes it challenging to preserve data integrity, avoid duplicates and to be compliant with current national and international regulations for data security and privacy. Furthermore, database design often involve high costs and requires IT support. 

PRJCTS solves these issues and offers the opportunity to collaborate globally with the highest security standards and with an unlimited scalability.

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PRJCTS solves several challenges in data management and makes it all intuitive along the way. Pricing is equally so. No complicated schedules or packages. 

Ledidi Free – Get started with our free license – no cost, no commitments! Ledidi Free lets you create two projects (entries limited to n=35) and collaborate on one project with full functionality, as well as test out and learn the software through ready to use demonstration datasets. Sign up here.

Ledidi Single User – €70 per month for an individual user license. This includes an unlimited number of projects, unlimited numbers of entries, no limits on data storage and no limitation on collaborations.

Ledidi Team – Create a team account for 2+ users – perfect for research groups or institutions with a defined number of users. €70 per team member per month. Contact our sales department at

Ledidi Enterprise Deal – For organizations and institutions in need of broad implementation and/or user-accounts for a large number of employees, we offer individual enterprise deals. This may include user administration with single sign-on (SSO), project administration module and integrations with other software within the institution. Contact our sales department (

We also offer partnerships with medical societies and associations as well as NGOs and foundations.


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