Introduction and getting started with PRJCTS

Create a PRJCTS user account

You can create a user account and try PRJCTS free for 14 days. Follow these steps to create an account.

Create a new project

This article explains how to create your first project within PRJCTS. To quickly become a PRJCTS Pro, book a 30 minute demo with our onboarding team. 

Working with variables

Variables are the first thing you come across when you create a new project.

How to create a new variable

This article explains how to create variables

How to prepare an Excel file for import

In order to import an Excel file into PRJCTS it is important to follow some simples rules.

How to import data from an Excel file

In this article we will walk you through how you import an existing dataset from Excel into PRJCTS. 

Creating and managing data entries

The Dataset window display the raw data in your project. From here you can create new, edit and delete entries. You can also sort and filter the raw data and export the entire dataset or specified data rows. 

How to add collaborators to a project

You can add collaborators to any project that you own. Privileges can be assigned according to the roles the collaborators have in the project.  

How do to assign and manage privileges of collaborators

You must be the project owner in order to assign privileges to your collaborators. In the “Collaborators” window, click the project member and choose the appropriate combination of permissions.

How to restrict access to personal data

You can restrict the access of collaborators to variables containing personal data. 

How to export raw data, figures and tables

You can easily export your raw data, figures and tables. You can restrict the access of collaborators to export of raw data.