How to import data from an Excel file?

In this article we will walk you through how you import an existing dataset from Excel into Ledidi PRJCTS. 

You can import data from Excel in two different ways:

You can import the data when you start a new project (see our article on creating a new project). Or you can import the data into an existing project by clicking on the three dots and selecting “import dataset”. Note, when you import a new dataset your existing data in the project will be replaced with the new data.

Each column in the Excel file represents a variable and the column header will become the name of the variable in PRJCTS. During the import you will have to choose the data type for each variable. Read more variable data types in this article. You can not change the data type after import, so make sure you choose the correct data type to avoid repeating the process. 

Generally, it is advised to limit the use of text variables in research projects because it can not be used in statistical analyses and graphical presentations.