How to add collaborators to a project

You can add collaborators to any project that you own. 

Adding collaborators

  1. Open the project and click “Collaborators” on the top menu.
  2. Click “+Add new collaborator”
  3. Type the e-mail addresses of your collaborators. You must use the e-mail addresses that your collaborators have registered in their user profiles.
  4. After you have added one or more project members you must confirm that these are the correct users.
  5. After you have confirmed that you want to add the users as project collaborators, you will be asked to assign privileges.
  6. If a project member changes the organization in the user profile, he/she will lose all permissions.

Learn more about assigning and managing permissions in this article.

It is the sole responsibility of the project owner that project members are not assigned permissions beyond their credentials and in accordance with institutional policies and applicable laws and regulations.

It is also the responsibility of the project owner to review permissions and remove project members as appropriate.