How do I create a new project?

  1. Click “+ Create new” in the Dashboard window.
  2. Fill in the required fields.
  3. Choose whether to start a project from scartch or import an existing dataset.
If you want to import an existing dataset, see our guide “How do I import an Excel file?
If you want to start a new project from scratch, select the option “Manually define variables and data type” after clicking “Create“.
New project
Name your project
Data source
Choose to import a dataset or start from scratch.

Starting a project from scratch

  1. Create a new variable by clicking “+Add variable
  2. Add a variable name. Note that variable names must be unique and cannot contain capital letters, space or special characters. If you have several dates in your dataset, you can name the date_1w, date_3w, date_6mths and so on.
  3. Add a variable label. This is what you will see when you work with the data. It doesn’t need to be unique although it is advisable. You can use capital letters, space and special characters. 
  4. Select a data type
If you chose category as data type, you can choose “Fixed values” if you want. You can then enter the values to choose from when you enter data. This can be edited at any time in the value list.

If you have several category values, you can choose “Optimize for many categories” and the values will be presented as a dropdown menu in the data entry form.

Select data type and set variable name
Define variable name, label and category.