End-to-end in clinical research

PRJCTS is an end-to-end cloud solution for data capture, analysis, statistics, and graphical presentation. You can create new data registries within minutes or start with importing existing datasets and invite collaborators as project members in single or multicenter collaborations. The data are securely stored throughout the workflow with no need to export to other applications. Analyses are carried out in real-time with a wide repertoire of statistical tests. Publish-ready tables and figures are generated on demand and always in sync with the dataset. PRJCTS is a powerful platform wrapped into an elegant and easy-to-use interface designed with clinical research and medical registries in mind.

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Create a new registry or project and design easy-to-use forms for entering data.


Interact with your colleagues through project collaborations.


Analyze the data with descriptive statistics and statistical tests.


Present the data in graphs and tables.

Project administration

Store all your projects safely in one place and eliminate the need for files containing raw data.


The data workflow in research projects involves database solutions and software for statistical analyses, graphical presentation, and design with import and export between multiple applications. With this workflow, it may be challenging to preserve data integrity, avoid duplicate files, and be compliant with current national and international regulations for data security and privacy. PRJCTS solves these issues. In addition, database design also often involves high costs and requires IT support. In PRJCTS you create your own registry and design the forms according to your needs with complete control of the variables and the data management.