Creating and managing data entries

All your raw data is placed in the Dataset window within your project. From here you can create new, edit and delete entries. You can also sort and filter entries and export the entire dataset or specified data rows. 

View, update and add new entries

  1. To add a new entry click the “+Add new entry” button. 
  2. To view or update an entry, click the entry itself in the dataset table. 
  3. You can search for entries in the search field in the top left corner of the window

Sort and filter entries

  1. To sort entries, simply click the column name in the column header of the dataset table. 
  2. To filter entries, click the filter icon in the column header and a drop down menu will appear where you can choose how you want to filter the data. You can combine as many filters as you want, and a small red dot in the filter icon marks that a column has been filtered. 
  3. To remove all filters, click the dot menu to the right of the page selector and select “Clear filters”. 

Export raw data

  1. Click the dot menu to the right of the page selector and select “Download as CSV”. 
  2. Remove all filters if you want to export the complete dataset. 
  3. If you add filters the export will only contain the filtered data.